Candle Tool Kit
The SK Candle Tool Kit is a candle lover must have. Properly maintaining your candles will maximize burn time & quality. The kit features a perfect balance of luxury & functionality; allowing you to keep your SK candles in great condition, while its chic, gold-plated design adds a gorgeous accent to most decor. The 4-piece kit includes a candle snuffer, wick trimmer, wick pick, and holding plate. Each piece is detailed with the Slay KurDae signature to ensure authenticity. 

How to Use:
Candle Snuffer: Use to extinguish candle flame. Carefully lower the bell over the flame & hold for a few seconds to quickly and safely put out the candle. Do not blow on the flame. 
Wick Trimmer: Use to prevent wick mushrooming & to keep the wick from getting too long as the candle burns. The head of the trimmer is designed to catch the removed portion of the wick when it is cut to keep the wax clean. Extinguish flame before using. 
Wick Pick: Use to keep wick straight & from dipping into wax as it burns. Gently use the tip of the pick to straighten curved wick. Extinguish flame before using. 

Candle Tool Kit